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Minimize Your Taxes in Retirement

How much in taxes do you want to pay in retirement?

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If you own any qualified accounts such as 401(k)s or IRAs, you are already heading toward a substantial tax bill coming due once you start using those retirement accounts for income.

If you make more than $83,000* a year, taxes are going to be much more of a problem for you. With that amount of income, you're considered to be in the top 25% of wage earners in America and you account for the majority of the tax revenue for the government: 86%, in fact. You're in a very unique group of people that all share a common problem: taxes.

After analyzing this group for years now, we discovered that there's a fundamental difference between the way the top 25% grow, protect and transfer their wealth in the most tax efficient way possible as compared to the other 75%.

*Source: Summary of the Latest Federal Income Tax Data, 2020 Update Tax Foundation.

Three Biggest Risks You Face In Retirement


Market Volatility

You may be heavily invested in stocks as they approach retirement which could result in large losses to your investments.



With improvements to medicine and health care, retirees may live 20-30 years into their retirement and sometimes even longer.


Income Taxes

The majority of taxes - a staggering amount of 86%* - solely comes from the Top 25% of income wage earners in America.

*Source: See Above

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Ever wonder what the most successful, wealthy people are doing to build their wealth?

It's easy to let retirement savings accounts accumulate like old items in a junk drawer. We'll help you get organized and clearly define your retirement goals and dreams.


Your Personal Wealth Report

Explore the tax-saving strategies to increase retirement income. Meet with us to review your current tax liability and discuss the tax-advantaged accounts that can help you in retirement.


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